Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blog Operations Adjustments-as of 17/2/10

I have made a few adjustments to how our celebs blog page operates. The changes are as follows:

  • New Footage will be renamed as photo(s) of the week so it will not sound like a paparazzi company.
  • Video of the week will be implemented as of 19 February 2009 thanks to our one and only Tay Pei Shan
  • Song of the week will be decide through polling if u want to suggest options, drop an email @ arms4knuckles@gmail.com
  • This blog operates all week round except for Sundays and Public Holidays, dont worry it opens 24/7
  • When a maintenance is being carried out, a notice will be posted in this blog 2/3 days in advance. Indulge yourself into the videos i have for u in the maintenance page the stat counter is not to track u down DONT BE ALARMED  :D it is to track the traffic of the blog
  • Watermarks will be implemented to prevent copyright
For more enquires, drop me an email at arms4knuckles@gmail.com

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